Rentals & Work Orders

Rentals and Work Orders

COVID-19 Notice: All customer work orders are temporarily suspended due to the ongoing pandemic. Customer work orders may be performed if it is an emergency and approved by the City Manager.

The City provides a variety of rental options for lodging, equipment and vehicles. Additionally, the City can perform a variety of services via a Work Order request.

Housing Rental

The City has a number of two- and three-bedroom apartments and houses to rent. We also rent out single rooms. All City apartments and houses come fully furnished with a fully equipped kitchen. Bed sizes range from twin to full to queen. Cable TV and internet are provided for short-term rentals. All units are located within the village and have easy access to the Aleut Community Store, school library and St. Paul Health Center.


The City has nightly, weekly and monthly rates for housing. The current housing rates can be found on the City of Saint Paul Master Rate Schedule.

Availability and Booking

Email to check the availability of lodging from the City. The renter must sign a Housing Lease Agreement prior to renting.

Rec Hall and Conference Room Rental

The Community Rec Hall and the City Conference Room are available for rent upon availability. The Community Rec Hall has an open floor with table and benches for your use.The City Conference Room has a projector, screen, whiteboard, and teleconference capabilities.


  • Community Hall       $50.00 for four (4) hours
  • Community Hall       $100.00 a day
  • Kitchen                          $25.00 a day
  • Conference Room   $50.00 for four (4) hours
  • Conference Room   $150.00 for a day

Availability and Booking

Contact the City Clerk to check the availability. The renter must sign a Rec Hall/Conference Room Rental Agreement prior to renting.


Equipment and Vehicles

The City has a variety of equipment available for lease for special projects from dump trucks, to loaders, to excavators. 


The City has daily, weekly and monthly rates for each piece of equipment and for vehicles. Some pieces of City equipment cannot be rented without a City operator. Contact Public Works at 907-600-4355 or send an email to for current rates.

Availability and Booking

Contact Public Works at 907-600-4355 to rent a piece of equipment or vehicle. The renter must sign an Equipment Lease Agreement prior to renting any equipment of vehicle.

Work Orders

The City can perform an array of maintenance and repair functions on buildings and homes; plumbing, sewer, heating, and electrical systems; and heavy equipment and vehicles.


The hourly rate for all Work Orders is:

  • $72.40/hour for Laborer
  • $76.60 for Auto Mechanic

Elders 65 and over and City Employees will receive a 5% discount on Labor/Personnel rates.

Requesting Work Order

Work Orders can be requested by contacting Public Works at 907-600-4355. Customers will need to sign the Work Order, a Hold Harmless Form, and/or a Vehicle Authorization Form prior to any work being performed.


Rate Inquiry

City Clerk

Aubrey Wegeleben
907-600-4350 (Office)
907-546-3188 (Fax)
Public Works
907-600-4355 (Office)
907-546-2453 (Fax)