The City accepts payments at the Cashier Office for:

  • Utility and fuel accounts
  • Housing rentals
  • Facility rentals
  • Equipment rentals
  • Work orders
  • Dockage or moorage
  • Planning and zoning
  • Ampy meter
  • Fines

Payments can be made by check, debit card, credit card, electronic funds transfer, ACH, or cash.

Check Cashing

The City offers check cashing services, but fees may apply. Cashed checks are deposited remotely the same day they are cashed.

The City retains the right to refuse to accept checks or money orders from anyone.

Permanent Fund Dividends have an expiration of six months from the date issued, these check’s will not be accepted after April 1st.

Notary Services

If you need a document notarized you can contact the City Clerk during normal business hours. If the City Clerk is unavailable, here are a list of the notaries in Saint Paul.

  • Denise Shane, 907-546-3130

Cash Purchase

As a service to the community the City purchases cash with no associated fees.


  • Check cashing services for residents is FREE.
  • Check cashing services for non-residents is 4% of the amount of the check.
  • Check exchanges for large checks is $5.00 per check issued.
  • Non-sufficient funds/returned check fee is $35.00
  • Declined credit or debit card fee is $20.00


The City Cashier Office is open weekdays from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm and through lunch every other week.

Closed on holidays recognized by the City.


Cashier Office
907-600-3125 (Office)
866-570-9745 (Fax)

City Clerk
Aubrey Wegeleben
907-600-4350 (Office)
866-570-9745 (Fax)