City Auto Shop Accepting Work Orders on Customer Vehicles

Beginning May 20, 2024, the City of Saint Paul will be accepting work orders for work on customer vehicles. If you are interested in having your vehicle worked on, please contact Caitlin Bourdukofsky at 907-600-4355 or to complete documentation.

Work orders will be completed on a first come first sever basis. However, City owned vehicles and equipment will take priority over customer vehicles.

The City reserves the right to not perform work on a customer’s vehicle and will not order any parts or be responsible for incorrect parts ordered by a customer.

The mechanic rate is $150.00 per hour per mechanic. A 5% discount will be provided to elders 65 and older, and City employees. If you owe money to the City on any of your accounts, a work order will not be placed until payment on your accounts has been made.

Click here to download this Public Service Announcement.

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